Tridentnav Systems!
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True Heading, owner of Seapilot, has made the acquisition of Tridentnav Systems. This will give an extra boost to its already successful application Seapilot, which is available for iPad, iPhone and Windows 8. For more information regarding Seapilot, follow this link.



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"Advanced, user friendly, and easy to learn!"

Those are the words of the Swedish search-and-rescue organization (SSRS) station commander Helge Skärlén about Tridentnav Systems' new navigational software that is used in five of SSRS' rescue boats. In August 2004, the collaboration with SSRS was initiated, focusing on testing and development of the software.

- Because every navigator has different skills and every ship has different equipment, a navigation system must be flexible, says David Iannello, marketing manager at Tridentnav Systems.

The result is a user friendly navigation solution that can be taylored to suite the needs of any navigator at the helm of the ship. It is the user's ability to ondividually control and adapt both navigational charts and instruments that makes Tridentnav Systems' navigational solution unique.

- Even though Tridentnav's new software uses advanced technology, the user interface feels natural and human friendly. Therefore the user feels that it is easy to control and easy to understand the menues in the software, says Martin Rylander, product developer at Tridentnav Systems.